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Do aliens like earthly music? We don’t know for sure but we certainly hope so! We do know that the late astronomer, cosmologist, and astrophysicist Carl Sagan believed in the universal (literally) appeal of music and its power to connect terrestrial and extraterrestrial beings. Back in 1977, Dr. Sagan spearheaded the creation of Voyager Golden…

Did You Know That Brooklyn has its Very Own, Beautiful “Garden District?” There is a good reason why its name is Carroll Gardens: the neighborhood’s main features are deep front yards, often surrounded by decorative wrought iron fences. This explains the “garden” part. But why Carroll, you may ask? Until 1964, this 40-block neighborhood, was…

No Sounds of Silence with Brooklyn Drum Lessons

No Sounds of Silence with Brooklyn Drum Lessons First things first: if you like soft and mellow music, drums are definitely not for you – though a violin, flute, cello, as well as other strings and woodwinds, will fit the bill.