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Musical Guidance, At Brooklyn Guitar School If you have ever attended symphony orchestra performances, you know that the music doesn’t just “play itself.” Someone is responsible for ensuring that all the different instrument sections are balanced in the overall sound, so that a concert goes off without a hitch. We are talking here about conductors,…

Hey Joe Guitar Manhattan guitar lessons New York music teachers

Brooklyn Guitar School Plays All Summer Long! It’s vacation time and your kids just want to be carefree. At this point, school and homework are probably not even on their radar. Does this attitude extend to their music lessons as well? In other words, do your children stop playing their instruments during the summer?

Hey Joe Guitar Manhattan guitar lessons New York music teachers

Be A Teacher’s Pet, At Brooklyn Guitar School Did you know that tomorrow, May 5th, is National Teacher Appreciation Day? You didn’t think we’d miss mentioning such a momentous occasion, did you? We don’t need to tell you how important good teachers are – without them, the educational system would crumble and fall apart. It’s…