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HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! We can now look forward to a new year which, we hope, will be happy, healthy, prosperous, and peaceful. The beginning of January is a good time to talk about that pesky subject: New Year resolutions. We say « pesky » because while they are undoubtedly sincere and well-intentioned, most of…

New York City Skyline

New York City has a long and proud musical history —to paraphrase a famous song, “if you can make it there you’ll make it anywhere.” Our city is not only the birthplace of several music genres like hip hop, freestyle, doo wop, bebop, disco, punk rock, and new wave, but also of many world-renowned musicians….

Brooklyn Music Lessons Will Keep You Warm and Dry!

Brooklyn Music Lessons Will Keep You Warm and Dry! Do always get you down? Welcome to November, which, on average, dumps about 4.5 inches of rain on New York City. When you are wet and cold, you are probably not seeing much . All you want to do is go indoors, get warm, and stay…