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Brooklyn Guitar School Plays All Summer Long! It’s vacation time and your kids just want to be carefree. At this point, school and homework are probably not even on their radar. Does this attitude extend to their music lessons as well? In other words, do your children stop playing their instruments during the summer?

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Brooklyn Music School Tells How to Cool Down Your Instruments Think of a very hot summer day in New York City. Temperatures are soaring past 90 degrees and the humidity is so high, you feel like somebody wrapped a wet blanket around you. Now, ask yourself: if you are so sweaty and uncomfortable that you…

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New York Guitar School Tells How to Chill Out This Summer When you think about summer, do images of sandy beaches jump to mind? But what if you are spending the summer in the city – do you have to give up the thoughts of warm ocean breezes? Not at all! As New Yorkers, we…