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We offer the following lessons: piano, guitar, voice and songwriting, bass, drums, violin, flute, clarinet, saxophone, harmonica, ukulele, recorder, trumpet, trombone — and any teachable instrument. Don’t see yours below, just ask!

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  • Drums

    Beat it, and Drum Up Some Great Music!

    First things first: if you like soft and mellow music, drums are definitely not for you – though a violin, flute, cello, as well as other strings and woodwinds, will fit the bill.

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  • Electric Bass

    Electric Bass: Instrument You Can Pick At

    In fact, you can also strum or pluck it – though not like a chicken! Electric bass is another name for the bass guitar, a member of the string family along with the “regular” guitar.

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  • Saxophone

    Ah, the Never-Ending Joy of Sax!

    “What do a saxophone and a baseball have in common? 
People cheer when you hit them with a bat!” As jokes go, this may not be the best one ever, but we thought we’d start off with a bit of levity.

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  • Cello

    Please, Be Mellow to the Cello!

    At Hey Joe Guitar, we love to hear or read interesting stories about musical instruments. Far from being just inanimate objects, many of them have a fascinating “personal” history, just like human beings do.

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