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Laugh Out Loud – at Brooklyn Guitar School Why is a piano so hard to open? And why is slippery ice like music? We’ll give you answers to these questions in just a little while, but first let us introduce this blog’s topic: musical jokes. We will start with silly jokes kids tell and then…

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Where On Earth Do You Find the Best Music Lessons? Right Here, at Manhattan Guitar School! What is your favorite vacation destination? Wherever it is, chances are it’s somewhere on this earth. Well, get ready! We recently came across an article that mentions significant milestones being made in developing a robot that can safely land…

Hey Joe Guitar Manhattan music school New York music teachers

There’s Nothing Fishy About Riverdale Music School! When you are going to a concert you probably expect to be seated in an appropriate venue. We are guessing that very few people anticipate listening to a live musical performance while swimming in a pool or skiing down a slope.