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How Our Music Lessons Work

Our Music School ~ How our music lessons work


For music lessons in your Manhattan and Brooklyn home, look no further than Hey Joe Guitar,  one of the top rated music schools in New York City.  On this page we tell you how our music lessons work.  

1. Choose Your Instrument

Let’s start at the beginning.  The first step in learning about how our music lessons work is to choose the instrument you want to learn or study.  Sometimes Joe Berger will serve as ‘soup-to-nuts’ consultant, helping parents to determine what instrument is best for their child.   Our teachers are proficient in teaching many instruments.  Hey Joe Guitar can teach: guitar, piano, bass, violin, drums, saxophone, clarinet, flute, recorder, harmonica, ukulele, and mandolin.  We also have music teachers who can teach songwriting and singing.  Some music students combine lessons and study more than one instrument at a time.  It is possible to combine guitar and songwriting.  The teacher who is assigned to you will explore with you what your musical interests are and create an individualized music lesson plan that is right for you.

2. Scheduling Your In-Home Music Lessons

Once you know what musical instrument you want to study our Director, Joe Berger, will work with you to identify a teacher who is just right for you.  Joe will coordinate scheduling your music lessons.  How our music lessons work is that once a teacher is assigned to you, our office will contact you about scheduling your music lessons.  Hey Joe Guitar Music School offers lessons that, in addition to being great for adults, are particularly well suited to children.  We have students as young as two (2) years old!  We take pride in shepherding the musical interests of young people and children.  While our lessons can be as serious as a student likes, we also focus on making sure that lessons are fun, light hearted and engaging.  Once a schedule is set, your music teacher will come to your Manhattan or Brooklyn home at the scheduled times. Our lessons are available seven days per week, at any reasonable hour. 

3. What happens when you give us a call? 646-320-3131

When a new student or parent calls they talk with Joe Berger, our founder and director.  This is an important step in “getting to know” the music student.  Joe Berger  (who is a New York City parent and professional musician) will ask questions about the student’s learning style, personality, experience with music and musical goals. The better acquainted we become with the music student and their learning style and personality, the better able Joe is to identify a music teacher who is well suited to meet the student’s needs.  After this ‘getting to know you’ conversation, for your convenience, most of communication will occur through email and text.  Of course Joe is always available to address any questions or concerns students or their parents may have.

4. Your Music Teacher Will Come To You!

Hey Joe Guitar instructors love teaching and are all either graduates or advanced students from some of the top music schools and conservatories.   Joe Berger interviews all of our teachers to ensure that they are, responsible, trustworthy, capable as music teachers, fun loving and meet the highest standards.   Hey Joe Guitar Music School has a track record going back more than a decade that has proven that how our music lessons work is effective with the overwhelming majority of students.  

5. Getting started with your music lessons!

Now the real fun begins!  Your assigned music teacher will come to your home and begin teaching whatever musical instrument you have chosen to learn.  We are confident that our teachers and students will be compatible.  Your teacher will work with you to confirm a regular teaching schedule and you get to decide if you want 30-, 40- or 60-minute sessions or longer!

Please ask Joe about the benefits of our Student Membership programs.  They are simple and there are no sign up fees.  Students commit to lessons one month at a time and lessons can be discontinued or ‘frozen’ at any time.

We are thrilled to be part of our student’s journey with music!