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Children with Learning Differences & Challenges

We Specialize in Music Lessons for Children With Special Needs, Learning Differences & Giftedness

Music is a universal language that can reach children who face learning differences and/or who are non-neurotypical.

Whether a child suffers from ADHD, anxiety, autism, sensory issues, twice-exceptional (2e), or learning differences and disabilities, our music lessons — whether at your home or online on Zoom — can help bring out the best in your child.

Learning an instrument can also be tricky. But our patient teachers have guided children of all abilities to excel in guitar lessons, ukulele lessons, piano lessons, and voice lessons. We also offer lessons in drums, bass, strings, and horns.

In-home music lessons, or online via Zoom, have the capacity to reach children and offer a window to achievement and success. At Hey Joe Guitar School of Music, we know this to be true. We’ve seen how well children with learning challenges respond to music education.

We have seen increased self-esteem and confidence among children who learn a musical instrument. Research from The Journal of Music Therapy shows that musical instruments can improve a child’s ability to focus and pay attention.

Music education can improve a child’s ability to concentrate, control impulses, and function better in social settings.  Studies show children have developed life-long friendships through the study of music.

What did Oliver Sacks, M.D., professor of neurology at Columbia University and author of Musicophilia say? “Nothing activates the brain so extensively as music.”

We have successfully taught music lessons to children with many challenges. For example: ADHD, anxiety, ASD and/or HFASD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, speech and language issues, motor skills delays, and others.

Our music lessons students include children in ICT programs and 12:1 programs in public schools with IEPs and 504 plans. Our tutors also give in-home music lessons to youngsters from specialized schools in New York City. Those schools include: The Gateway School, The Windward School (Manhattan), Stephen Gaynor School, Aaron School, IDEAL School Manhattan, West End Day School, The Churchill School and Center, The Parkside School, Quad Preparatory School, Gillen Brewer School, The Lang School, Reece School, The ASD Nest Program, Winston Prep, and Mary McDowell Friends School.

Our instructors teach a wide variety of instruments to children ages 5 and up. Our teachers are known for their compassionate and patient approach. They work tirelessly to help your child break through and learn an instrument.

Are you looking for in-home guitar lessons or piano lessons (or private instruction in any other instrument) for your child with special needs?

If so, you can speak personally with founder Joe Berger of Hey Joe Guitar Music School. Joe will ask you questions about your child’s learning style. Call or text him on his direct phone at 646-320-3131.

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