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Manhattan Guitar School Helps You Stay on Track Welcome to October! The whole month unveils before us, so let’s get organized. We mean this literally because the first week of October is the National Get Organized Week. What exactly does this entail, you may wonder? Actually, it could mean a variety of things, from organizing…

Manhattan Guitar School Has a Lullaby For You! We don’t mean to be too inquisitive about your, um, bedroom habits, but we would like to know this: how well do you sleep at night? Are you lucky enough to fall into deep and relaxing slumber, or are you tossing and turning all night long?

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Down to Earth Sounds– With Manhattan Music Lessons If you have followed the news for the past couple of months, you surely know that, for the first time ever, a space probe named Rosetta dropped the robotic lander Philae onto the surface of a comet (this phenomenon is not to be mistaken for the other…