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Children Playing Violin Suzuki Institute

How was your summer? We hope it was fun and relaxing, and that your kids had a great time doing whatever activities they were involved in. But you know how it goes: September is here and it’s back to school time. For us at Hey Joe Guitar this means that our wonderful teachers will get…

violin on red fabric

Even if you know a lot about music, chances are you have never heard of a 93-year-old Holocaust survivor named Joe Feingold. That’s because until last year, Feingold was not a well known figure, except perhaps to a NYC teenager Brianna Perez, who attends a music program at the Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls….

Find Out About Instrumental Difference, with Manhattan Music Lessons Last month we posted a blog about how some vintage instruments have increased in value over the past decades. Now, we’d like to talk about the musical instruments that are currently considered to be the most expensive in the world and, who knows, maybe even in…