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Keep the Peace, With New York Guitar School We have said it many times before and we still stand by it: music training is good for you! However, this doesn’t mean that every music experience is always calm and uneventful; sometimes, concerts incite not only applause and calls for an encore, but also utter chaos.

Hey Joe Guitar Manhattan guitar teachers New York music school

New York-Bred Music, At Manhattan Guitar School Have you ever wondered where various genres of the so-called “American” music originated? Let’s see: jazz and ragtime were born in New Orleans, while the country western style had its beginnings in Georgia. However, the South, although prolific, was not the only birthplace of American music. Our great…

New York Guitar School Presents Music to Dance By

New York Guitar School Presents Music to Dance By The month of May is coming to an end, and for parents this means school is either already out or soon will be. For high school seniors, it also marks a major event, a rite of passage known as the prom. Most of us may have…