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November is usually not the best month in NYC: it’s cold and grey and generally « blah. » So we thought we’d lift your spirits with a really fun blog. t the risk of shooting ourselves in the foot but in the interest of full disclosure, we are telling you here that some historical evidence…

Manhattan Music Lessons Make A Lot Of Horse Sense We recently came across some very interesting footage (which we are sharing below) that shows how various animals react to music. We found it heartwarming to see that the capacity to respond to music is not a uniquely human phenomenon, but that animals have it too….

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New York Music School Will Play a Matchmaker! Chances are, you color-coordinate your outfits and home décor. But do you ever wonder whether the instruments you play (or listen to) are well matched? In other words, are they compatible and get along well together, or is there discord among them?