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Unleash Your Emotions with New York Music School How many times have you heard people say that no words can express how they feel? Or maybe, at one time or another, you have found yourself at a loss when trying to verbally convey your thoughts and emotions? Fortunately, as Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen noted,…

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Manhattan Guitar School Takes the Cake Here is some, um, food for thought: what does jazz music taste like? And what about the classical, blues, country, and rock sounds? You may not have thought about pairing food with music, but know this: careful matchmaking will help you create a harmonious and melodious experience. Yes, you…

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With Manhattan Ukulele School, There’s No Sound Barrier! A couple of months ago, we wrote a blog about an unusual but very interesting musical ensemble that plays instruments made from vegetables. And before that, we told you about an orchestra where all the instruments are made out of garbage.