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Even if you know a lot about music, chances are you have never heard of a 93-year-old Holocaust survivor named Joe Feingold. That’s because until last year, Feingold was not a well known figure, except perhaps to a NYC teenager Brianna Perez, who attends a music program at the Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls….

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Obviously, musical instruments can’t have children, but just for the sake of an argument imagine that they could reproduce. Have you ever wondered what kind of offspring they’d have? This, of course, is a purely theoretical (or, if you prefer, hypothetical) question, but genetics work in mysterious ways! We became intrigued by it a couple…

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New York-Bred Music, At Manhattan Guitar School Have you ever wondered where various genres of the so-called “American” music originated? Let’s see: jazz and ragtime were born in New Orleans, while the country western style had its beginnings in Georgia. However, the South, although prolific, was not the only birthplace of American music. Our great…