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A Place in the Sun: Five Cool Songs for Hot Summer Days

July 5, 2017 - Holidays

Musician Playing Guitar by the Beach

What does summer mean to you? To us a perfect summer is a warm and sunny day with a clear blue sky (or a starry one at night), a cool drink, flip flops on the feet, and music in our ears.

Speaking of music, there are so many great summer-related songs that it is difficult to choose only five. But choose we must, so here is our list of timeless songs that (in our humble opinion) best reflect the spirit of the summer — whether you are spending it in the city or on a secluded beach somewhere.

  1. “Those Hazy Lazy Days of Summer.” This melodious and upbeat tune by Nat King Cole is as close to the ultimate summer song as you can get.

  2. ““Kokomo” has the “beach vibe” that is so typical of The Beach Boys songs. (Think “Surfin’ USA” and “Surfer Girl”)

  3. “Summer Wind.” When Frank Sinatra sang it, you could almost hear and feel how “the wind came blowing in from across the sea,” skimming through the palm trees and ruffling the leaves.

  4. “Summer in the City” by Joe Cocker pulsates with the balmy energy of the sizzling summer in the urban jungle.

  5. “Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy.” We just have to include this song on our list. Just think: would it really be summer without this smooth Ella Fitzgerald classic?

The Sounds of Summer

Obviously, the above is only a partial list of all the great summer hits — both old and newer ones.

Among the ones that are not listed but are certainly worth mentioning are Kelly Rowland’s “Summer Dreaming” “Summer Loving” from the movie “Grease,” and “King of the Beach” by the appropriately named Wavves.

And how can we not mention George Harrison’s song, “Here Comes the Sun.” The music is beautiful and the lyrics impart that quintessential summery feel:

“Come on over, let’s have some fun
Dancing in the morning sun
Looking to the bright blue sky
Come and let your spirit fly
You’re living it up this brand new day
Summer sun, it’s time to play.”

We hope you take these words to heart and enjoy the summer months because ‑ before you know it— fall will be upon us and you might remember the warm, sunny days with a bit of nostalgia.

Photo: Musician at the Beach
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