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See You in September: Five Benefits of Music Lessons

September 6, 2017 - Music Benefits

Children Playing the Guitar

In just a few days, summer vacation will be officially over as NYC students head back to school. Or, as the headline says,

We hope your kids had an enjoyable and relaxing break, but still managed to keep up with their music lessons. Regular practice will make it so much easier for them to build on their progress.

If they have slacked off — as children tend to do sometimes — they may have to work a bit harder to get their groove back. And if your kids are totally new to music lessons, we welcome them with open arms.

As a parent, you surely know that music education is vital for your children and teens. But if you need a reminder, here are five compelling reasons for starting (or continuing) to play an instrument during this school year. All are based on scientific evidence as well as our own experience:

Benefit #1 – Improved scholastic performance: Music training can boost your children’s academic and social skills, including intellectual, motor, language, and overall literacy.

Benefit #2 – Emotional health: Music can help youngsters develop emotional strength and resilience to deal with whatever challenges they may face.

Benefit #3 – Better focus: For kids who are often distracted and “all over the place,” music lessons can help boost focus, self-control, and attention span. After all, playing an instrument requires an alert mind, patience, and concentration.

Benefit #4 – Physical fitness: You may not think of music lessons as a workout, but it is. It requires good body posture and coordination, proper breathing techniques, as well as muscular strength to hold the instrument.

Benefit 5 – Increased brain power: Research shows that music boosts brain activity enabling us to process and retain information, solve problems, and regulate behavior.

There you have it: five reasons why music lessons are so valuable to your kids.

The First Step…

If your child is new to music lessons, he or she may be apprehensive about starting. Let us reassure you (and your child) that our teachers will try to make this experience both enjoyable and productive, regardless of which instruments your child chooses.

With regular lessons, a new student will develop each of the skills listed above, while having fun and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

And we bet that your child’s progress will be music to your ears!

Photo: Children Playing Guitar courtesy of WikiMedia Commons
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