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Getting Started With In-Home Music Lessons

1. Choose your instrument

We offer private, in-home music lessons in your Manhattan or Brooklyn home or apartment based on the instrument you want to play. Music lessons are available for students of all ages and all learning styles. Whether you are an adult student, or are choosing a teacher for your child, we have outstanding in-home music teachers who can teach almost any instrument ~ guitar, piano, voice, bass, drums, violin, flute, trumpet, saxophone, cello, ukulele, banjo, recorder, and mandolin.  You are welcome to ask us about any instrument you are interested in learning.  We are almost always able to identify a professional teacher who will meet your needs.

2. Choose where and when you want your lesson

We provide in-home music lessons throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn or if you like, we can meet in your office.  Our director, Joe Berger, will work with you to schedule lessons at times that are convenient for you.  Our in-home music teachers are passionate about teaching music.  We look for teachers who have flexibility and who can accommodate families with busy schedules.

3. We are ready to help you get started with in-home music lessons today.  Give us a call at 646-320-3131

We know that finding the right learning environment and teaching style is important to every one of our students.  During your first call to talk about the kind of music lessons you are interested in we answer every question you can think of.  We believe that people have the right to question absolutely everything and that every question deserves an answer.  Once your questions are answered we will begin a process of “getting to know the student”.   Our founder Joe Berger will personally speak with you and ask questions about you (or your child’s) learning style, personality, and musical goals.  It is this kind of personal service that sets our in-home music school apart.

4. Based on your interests, we will match you with an experienced teacher who will be a great match for you!

Our teachers enjoy teaching and have all studied at top music schools and conservatories.   Our director interviews each new music teacher personally, ensuring that they meet the highest standards.  After speaking with you, we will chose a teacher that best suits your interests and learning style or that of your children.   Once a teacher is selected our director will always be available to listen to feedback about how things are going.  From time to time we will call you just to check in.  Hey Joe Guitar Music School is committed to ensuring that students have a positive experience.

5. Here’s what happens next:

Our memberships are for one month at a time. You may cancel or freeze your account whenever you’d like. No minimums or setup fees. Any sessions you miss will be made up at a mutually convenient time – we don’t penalize students for being busy!  You take music lessons in the convenience of your Manhattan or Brooklyn home or apartment and we give you all the right keys (pun intended) to achieving your musical goals!

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