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How Our Private Music Lessons Work

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Hey Joe Guitar Music School provides Distance Learning and In-Home NYC music lessons for children and adults. Wherever in the world you live, we offer remote access to New York City’s top music teachers in high-quality, personal, and engaging sessions. When allowed, we also offer in-home lessons in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Hey Joe guitar provides personalized instruction in: guitar, ukulele, piano, bass, drums, violin, flute or any teachable instrument.

Since opening in 2007, we’ve helped thousands of students cultivate their passion for music. Our teaching artists are highly motivated and committed to seeing their students learn and grow.  Our promise is to find the best teacher for you or your children.

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Your Teacher

What’s unique about us? At Hey Joe Guitar Music School, you’ll first speak directly with founder Joe Berger (by phone or chat). After you and Joe speak, he will set you or your children up with a professional music teacher — someone who is a match for you and will help you meet your learning goals. Joe takes a personal interest in each and every one of the students. He recruits teaching artists from the top music schools like Columbia University, The Manhattan School of Music, and Berklee College of Music. Your lessons can be structured and intense or fun and playful — or somewhere in between. Our music teachers are known for designing music lesson plans that are tailored to meeting their individual music student’s needs  — regardless of whether they are in-person or via distance learning (or a hybrid).


Guitar music lessons teacher NYC in your home

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We Come To Your Home (In-Person or Distance-Learning)

Once a student is registered, a teacher either comes to your Manhattan or Brooklyn home (when health officials deem it safe) or you can opt to have lessons via remote learning. Our New York City-based music teachers offer music lessons seven days a week, 24 hours a day. You  decide how much teaching time you’d like and we’ll schedule and assign your music teacher. Your Instructor will tailor an individualized learning plan that’s just right for you.

Why Us

We are committed to working with each and every one of our students, and regardless of their musical ability or experience.  We have a proven track record of reaching students and sparking their native creativity ~ AND ~ we have considerable experience working with students who have learning challenges.  Our teaching philosophy relies on making the learning experience fun, uplifting, and as serious and professional as our students desire. 

Like everyone else we are concerned about our family and friends and appreciate the amazing efforts our first responders and the medical community is providing.  Our thoughts and best wishes are with them every day.  We too hope for a speedy end to this crisis, however, until we see light at the end of the tunnel Hey Joe Guitar will endeavor to continue meeting the needs of our students!

New York City guitar lessons in your home

Our Expertise

Our founder Joe Berger will personally speak with you and help design the most effective Distance Learning music lessons plan. And then he will assign you one of his favorite teachers that will best fit you and or your child’s learning style. Joe takes pride in his teachers: they are high-quality, passionate, and committed professional music instructors who love to teach. Most of our teaching artists have worked with us for a decade or more. And as a New York City parent himself, as well as a professional musician, Joe understands how important it is for you and your family to have a safe, reliable, and encouraging teacher who has a solid background in music education.

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Our Nonprofit in New York City

Our nonprofit organization, MusiCan, brings music programs to schoolchildren in New York’s economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. During the pandemic, the children will be receiving Distance Learning from their music teachers. Hey Joe Guitar donates a portion of its proceeds from every music lesson to MusiCan. And it also contributes its own best teachers. As a result, each year hundreds of underprivileged kids experience the joy of participating in a music program in their public school.

Donate Your Musical Instruments in New York City
Free Pickup

Want to donate your instruments to children in underprivileged NYC public schools? We can pick up your instrument from your home or office. MusiCan is a 501(c)(3) charity and can provide you with a receipt for your tax-deductible donation. Call (646)320-3131 for a free pickup of your musical instruments in New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island) or fill out our donation form here. We take guitars, electric pianos, bass, drums, strings, horns, and more. Donate your Grand Piano to go to public schools in need. 

We found a great in-home music teacher for our twin boys through Hey Joe Guitar! And Joe put us at ease by sending us a motivated, playful piano teacher and the boys have stuck with it for several years now.  My 7-year-old daughter also takes lessons but with another teacher, Jenna, who gives her guitar and singing lessons at the same time. Most of all, we couldn’t be happier that we relied on Joe to send us two teachers we can trust with our children. Both teachers are professional and down-to-earth. Thanks, Hey Joe Guitar! Caroline B. – Upper East Side