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How Our In-Home Music Lessons Work

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We have in-home music lessons for children and adults. We specialize in teaching guitar, piano, voice, violin, drums, bass, flute, clarinet — or any teachable instrument — to young people. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of children cultivate their passion for music. Our professional music teachers are highly motivated. And they are committed to helping their students learn and grow. Want singing and piano lessons at the same time? We have the just the right teacher for you.

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When you call and ask about in-home music lessons we first ask about you or your child’s musical goals, learning style and personality. At the very beginning, you’ll speak with our director and founder, Joe Berger. He’ll then set you up with a professional music teacher —  someone who is a great match for you and your goals. Our teachers hail from top music schools (The Julliard School and Berklee College of Music, among others).  Your lessons can be structured and intense or fun and playful — or somewhere in between. Our music teachers are known for designing music lesson plans that are tailored to meeting their individual music student’s needs!

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A Teacher Comes to You

We provide private in home music lessons safely and professionally in your Manhattan or Brooklyn home. The music teacher who is assigned to you can be available (depending on everyone’s schedule) seven days a week, at any reasonable hour. Let us know how much teaching time you want, and we’ll do our best to tailor a plan that’s just right for you.  

Meet Your Teachers

Why Us

New York City guitar lessons in your home

Our Expertise

Our founder Joe Berger will personally speak with you and help choose the best in home music teacher for you or your child.  Joe takes pride in finding the high quality, passionate and committed professional music teachers who love to teach. And as a New York City parent himself, as well as a professional musician, Joe understands how important it is for you and your family to have a safe, reliable and encouraging teacher who has a solid background in music education.

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Our Nonprofit in New York City

Our nonprofit organization, MusiCan, brings music programs to schoolchildren in New York’s economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. Hey Joe Guitar donates a portion of its proceeds from every music lesson to MusiCan. And it also contributes its own best teachers. As a result, each year hundreds of underprivileged kids experience the joy of participating in a music program in their public school.

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We found a great in-home music teacher for our twin boys through Hey Joe Guitar! And Joe put us at ease by sending us a motivated, playful piano teacher and the boys have stuck with it for several years now.  My 7-year-old daughter also takes lessons but with another teacher, Jenna, who gives her guitar and singing lessons at the same time. Most of all, we couldn’t be happier that we relied on Joe to send us two teachers we can trust with our children. Both teachers are professional and down to earth. Thanks, Hey Joe Guitar!

Caroline B. – Upper East Side