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Find Out The History of Your Instrument, with Riverdale Guitar School When you have your music lesson, do you ever wonder how the instrument you are holding in your hands was originally created? In other words, what was the evolutionary path of your guitar, piano, or any other instrument?

With New York City music lessons, you can bring the instruments from an exotic, faraway land right into your home You’ve heard the saying “music is universal,” but can you come up with names of famous musicians who have actually proven this to be true? One person who immediately springs to mind is the Indian…

The recorder instrument.

Here’s a question for you: When is a flute not a flute? The answer:  When it is a recorder! True, to an untrained eye, the two instruments may look a lot alike and, in fact, they do have common roots – the recorder was a forerunner of the modern-day flute. Although its heyday can be…