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At Manhattan Music School, Practice Matters

At Manhattan Music School, Practice Matters We all know that music education offers a lot benefits. That’s a fact. Another fact is that when it comes to music training, regularity is very important: weekly lessons and practice – even in small increments – will ensure steady improvement. That’s because for a musician, progress is all…

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Manhattan Guitar School: There’s Nothing Fishy About Ocean Music! Recently we came across a fascinating article, which shows how truly smart whales are. As the article states, they have learned to target the boats of black cod fishermen and swipe their catch off their lines. The whales are alerted to the fact that fishing is…

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It’s a Zoo Out There, But Manhattan Guitar School Has a Human Touch Music is good for human beings –it makes us calmer, smarter, more emotionally balanced, and happier. We are not exactly reinventing the wheel here because the beneficial effects of music are well known. But wait – let’s take this one step farther….