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Music Lessons “To-Do” List, from Manhattan Guitar School

October 1, 2015 - Musical Education

Manhattan Guitar School Helps You Stay on Track

Welcome to October! The whole month unveils before us, so let’s get organized. We mean this literally because the first week of October is the National Get Organized Week. What exactly does this entail, you may wonder? Actually, it could mean a variety of things, from organizing your closet and drawers, to organizing a labor union! In other words, any task or activity to which you give an orderly and coherent structure.

What about music lessons? We are so glad you asked because, while there’s absolutely nothing wrong (and a lot of good) about improvisation in music, when it comes to lessons, good preparation and advance planning – in other words, organization! – are very important.

Get ready!

You want your lessons – and music experience in general – to be both productive and enjoyable, don’t you? We do too! To achieve this synergy, we suggest that you follow these simple steps: First of all, make sure your instrument is in good “working” condition, which means that you always protect it from harm and damage, and generally take excellent care of it. Now that you’ve taken care of your instrument, take care of yourself. Sit (or stand) comfortably and hold your instrument correctly. Proper posture is very important – not only because it helps you play better, but it also prevents aches and soreness. How do you make sure your body is ready? Start by stretching and strengthening your wrists, hands and arms before your lesson. Simple exercises like squeezing a tennis ball or lifting a dumbbell will be useful. Building up the core strength of your diaphragm trunk muscles is essential, especially if you play a woodwind or brass instrument. If you take voice lessons, learn how to use your abdomen muscles and have proper breathing techniques. Your instrument and body are ready, but what about your attitude? Are you enthusiastic, motivated, and focused? We hope so, because mental readiness is just as important as the physical one. Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to schedule your lessons on regular basis and practice in between.

Always prepared

Now that we’ve given you some tips on how to get organized for your lessons, you may be wondering what to expect of our teachers? We can assure you that besides being excellent music instructors, they are also very organized. For instance, they always show up at your Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Riverdale home or office on time and well prepared for the lesson. It’s true that we can’t micro-manage everything, but when it comes to music lessons, we have the right …key! With our organizational skills and yours, we’ll make quite a team!

Photo by unknown, available under Creative Commons License
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