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The Sounds of Summer, with Manhattan Music Lessons

July 8, 2013 - Musical Musings

Sizzle this summer with our Manhattan, Brooklyn and Riverdale music lessons

It’s summer! If you are a New Yorker, you are used to sweltering temperatures. Fortunately, our city has lots of green spaces, where trees and other lush vegetation provide shade and respite from heat and humidity.

So take a blanket, picnic basket and plenty of fluids, and stretch out on the grass. Whether you are sitting / lying under a clear blue sky or a dark, starry one, summertime in the city can be a blast, especially if music is your constant companion.

If you are looking for songs to enjoy throughout the summer, you came to the right place because we have lots of suggestions for you. Go ahead, prep your iPod and get ready to rock, roll, swing, or just chill out with these all-time favorite summertime tunes.

Here comes the sun

“Come on over, let’s have some fun
Dancing in the morning sun
Looking to the bright blue sky
Come and let your spirit fly
You’re living it up this brand new day
Summer sun, it’s time to play.”

These lyrics from Kelly Rowland’s “Summer Dreaming” are sure to put you in the “summery” mood. But there are many, many more songs that are great choices for those long summer days and nights. For example, how about these classic mellow sounds, “Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy” by two legendary performers, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.

And, for more vibe, “Summer Loving” from the movie “Grease” might be just the ticket.

Whatever genre of music you prefer for your summer playlist, these all-time classics are terrific for any mood and occasion.

Happy campers

What if you spend at least part of your summer camping in the woods, by the lake or river, rather than picnicking in a park? No problem – there are plenty of songs for the rugged, outdoor adventures, as well as quiet evenings sitting around the fire and eating smores.  Just grab your guitar and start strumming!

How about classics like “Row Your Boat.” – a perfect tune for all ages.  Then there’s a very fitting camping-and-fireside song called “There Ain’t No Bugs on Me.

Another quirky and fun tune is titled “A Song That Gets on Everybody’s Nerve.” (Make sure you only sing it once, otherwise it may turn out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy). Good news is that there are so many different camping songs, you don’t need to sing the same one over and over again!

By the seashore

Of course, New York has some wonderful beaches and if you spend part of your summer by the ocean, your playlist should focus, appropriately enough, on the sea, sand, and surf. Here too, various songs abound.

Some “oldies but goodies” that we especially like are “The Beach Blanket Bingo”, “Surfin’ USA”, “Stranger on the Shore” and, for a more energetic, upbeat sound, “King of the Beach”.

What if you are not the park / camping / beach person, but would rather run for the hills? If mountain hiking trails are calling your name this summer, a newer version of the old Roy Rogers / Dale Evans classic, “Happy Trails”, might inspire you. Then there is also that old classic, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, “Rocky Mountain High” and, for a some offbeat fun, “These Boots Are Made for Walking”.

What’s hot this summer? Music lessons!

Wherever you are spending those lazy, hazy days of summer, we hope music will be your constant companion. And so will our teachers, who will stay in NYC this summer and will be happy to start (or continue) your Manhattan music lessons in the comfort of your home or office (and if you live in Brooklyn or Riverdale, they will come to you as well).

In the meantime, wherever your adventures take you this summer, here’s one tune that will surely put you into a mellow mood all summer long.


Photo Credit: Jelle van Lindenhuizen
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