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“Jingly” Melodies, With Brooklyn Music Lessons

August 24, 2015 - Musical Musings

With Brooklyn Music Lessons, You’ll Catch Many a Tune!

What is your favorite TV commercial? OK, we admit that this not the kind of question you might be asking yourself, but bear with us. There is a reason why we are bringing this up. While television ads may not represent the highest art form – though there are certainly people out there who will disagree – the fact is that a lot of creative energy goes into an advertising campaign.

The ads you see on your television screen didn’t just “happen;” they required extensive market research, knowledge of human psychology and social trends, as well as many other skills. We told you there was a reason why we are bringing up this subject: it’s because the most successful and effective marketing campaigns are the ones that feature music.

“It’s the real thing!”

Why is it that jingles and catchy tunes in advertising grab our attention? The reason is simple: a good melody, especially when it is paired with compelling lyrics, elicits an emotional reaction. Let’s have a look at some of the most successful TV ads of the past decades. The foremost among them was undoubtedly the iconic 1971 Coca-Cola commercial , which went down in the annals of the advertising history for its melodic and upbeat song that made everyone feel like all was right with the world. Imagine if this ad did not contain any music, just words. Would it be as engaging? We think not: with no catchy melody and lyrics, it would be as flat and lifeless as… a coke without the fizz! There were (and still are) other television commercials with ear-catching tunes. Remember this high-vibe McDonald’s jingle that started the famous (or infamous, if you prefer) “you deserve a break today” catchphrase? And what about this cute jingle for Oscar Meyer hot dogs , Band-aids , or chewing gum ? And perhaps you are old enough to remember the time when air travel was hassle-free and enjoyable because airlines actually cared about their passengers’ comfort ?

Never out of tune

Whether or not you are a jingle aficionado, you can learn to play all of the above-mentioned tunes on any kind of instrument – guitar, piano, or any other. And you can sing them too! When one of our teachers comes to your Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Riverdale home or office, you’ll see that the catchphrases from the above-mentioned ads set the mood for your lesson and describe perfectly what to expect from this experience: “It’s the real thing, what the world needs today.” “Double the pleasure, double the fun.” “We’ll move our tail for you.” “You deserve a break today.” And those are not just empty promises!

Photo by unknown, available under Creative Commons License
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