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With the Guitar, You Can Be All Fingers and Thumbs!

April 2, 2015 - Musical Celebrations

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Learning to Pull the Strings – With Brooklyn Music Lessons

If you are a guitar player or just someone who loves to listen to the sounds of the guitar, you’ll be happy to know that April is the International Guitar Month. The annual (since 1987) celebration is dedicated to recognizing this universal stringed instrument, as well as all the talented musicians who play it.

Now, you may think that we at Hey Joe Guitar are responsible for the creation of this holiday. It is a totally legitimate supposition and we don’t blame you for thinking this. However, we’d like to clarify that this month-long celebration is the brainchild of the Guitar Association, a New York organization whose goal is to “bring together and grow the guitar community by promoting greater access to learning and playing guitar.”

We think it is a very worthwhile objective, don’t you?

Different strokes

If you are rolling your eyes just about now, thinking that we will give a long tutorial about the types of guitars out there (classical, acoustic, and electric), or their sizes (¼, ½, ¾, and full), relax! There is so much more we want to share!

For instance, let’s look at some interesting guitar -related stuff:

  1. A really cool electric guitar orchestra .
  2. Some guitar humor .
  3. Rock’n’roll history expressed through 100 famous guitar riffs .
  4. North Korean kindergarten students in concert .
  5. A talented young guitarist right here in the United States.

Right at your fingertip

One way to celebrate the International Guitar Month is to get to know this wonderful instrument.

A while ago, we wrote a blog about how various orchestras run community outreach programs allowing young children to touch and handle a wide range of instruments. The same is true for the guitar – by holding and strumming it, you literally get the feel of what this instrument is all about, from its smooth and curvy body, the fretted fingerboard, and, of course, its sound!

Once you or your child decide to learn to play the guitar, we’ll be here to help. We have many excellent guitar teachers and will be happy to match you up with one best suited to your level and needs. He or she will come to your Manhattan, Brooklyn or Riverdale home or office and teach you to…strike a chord!

Photo by unknown, available under Creative Commons License
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