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In 2013, Bring Music Into Your Life – with Manhattan Music Lessons

January 1, 2013 - Holidays

Is learning to play an instrument on your “to-do” list? Consider it done, with Manhattan music lessons.

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”  
~Oprah Winfrey

So let’s talk about New Year resolutions. Yes, again! Doesn’t it sound like 2011 all over again – and each year before that?

You know how it goes: you make a list of things you commit to do (or quit doing) in the New Year.  But, by the time Easter comes – or maybe even earlier – all these promises are forgotten.

We are not making it up. There are actually studies showing that only about a third of people stick to their resolutions.

And, in case you are wondering what other people resolve, there’s a government website  that lists the most popular resolutions. Not surprisingly, drinking less, eating healthier, improving education and career, as well as getting fit are at the top of the list.

We are sorry to see that learning to play an instrument is not anywhere on this list. This is not exactly music to our ears!

Be realistic!

One of the reasons that so many of us don’t follow through on our commitments (other than lack of motivation) may be that we are setting the bar too high.

For example, if you decide that in the New Year you are going to climb the Everest, when your physical condition doesn’t even allow you to climb a flight of stairs (and you don’t have any immediate plans to start exercising), then it is clear that you have been too ambitious, not to say unrealistic, in setting your goals.

The message here is that in order to bring your New Year’s resolutions to fruition, you should stick to commitments that are doable.

And of course, you should only plan to accomplish activities that are healthy, pleasant and enjoyable – take up a new hobby (like playing music or singing, for example), participate in a sports activity, visit more museums – whatever strikes your fancy and makes you happy.

That’s the best way to ensure that your resolutions for 2013 are kept.

Music rules!

You knew we would be talking about music here, didn’t you? We genuinely believe that music training is a terrific activity for people of all ages.

Why do we love music? Let us count the ways:

It makes us happier: A number of studies have shown that music reduces stress and anxiety because it releases the “feel good hormones” like endorphin and serotonin in the brain.

It makes us smarter: There is plenty of scientific evidence demonstrating that children who play an instrument not only score higher on academic tests and generally have better verbal and intelligence skills, but their emotional development is also boosted.

It makes us fitter: Yes, that’s right. Playing an instrument for one hour can burn as many as 204 calories (drums), 170 calories (trombone), 136 (rock-n-roll guitar), and 102 (piano).

It makes for a better world: Music has been shown to be a great “people connector,” bringing together hostile nations and communities in peace and harmony.

Have we convinced you yet?

We’ll let you in on a secret: we at Hey Joe Guitar have a resolution too – to continue bringing music education to people in our community in 2013 as we have done in the years past.

We’d be pleased and honored to bring our Manhattan music lessons to your home or office – all you have to do is call us.

We may not be able to motivate you to climb the Everest, but we will teach you a few crescendos anyway!

Have a happy, healthy, peaceful and MUSICAL New Year!


Photo credit: Abhisek Sarda
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