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Enjoy Your Lessons, With Brooklyn Music School

March 10, 2016 - Musical instruments

At Brooklyn Music School, Lessons are Fun and Games

Far too many people think of music as serious and solemn. In many cases it is, but music can also be light-hearted and even humorous. The same can be said for musical instruments. True – anything that is capable of emitting such beautiful sounds deserves our utmost respect and reverence. But that doesn’t mean that these instruments cannot be used in creative and funky – albeit slightly unconventional -ways.

What do we mean? Read on and find out!

Be amused!

Let’s start with the piano. The “normal” way to play this instrument is by sitting down and hitting the keys with the fingers. But that doesn’t mean that nothing else will do. Take a look at how these two individuals manage to make beautiful music without the use of their hands. Should you jump on your piano keyboard and play with your feet? Probably not, but it’s fun to watch others do it! Now, if you think strings are only for mellow music, you are in for surprise! Both the violin and the cello can emit some “quarrelsome” sounds when put them into the right (or wrong?) hands. But not all strings want to do battle; most just want to play nicely together, as this ukulele orchestra demonstrates. And in case you are wondering whether it is possible to have a fun experience with instruments like the accordion or the harmonica, the answer is YES! Just look at these two examples . Of course, some instruments (and orchestras) are really funky and wacky , but still capable of making some cool music!

Any instrument

We hope that all the above videos have inspired you to start music lessons. We won’t tell you that we will teach you to play on beer bottles, because we won’t. We have a feeling that this mostly a self-learned skill. However, our teachers can certainly come to your Manhattan, Brooklyn or Riverdale home or office and give you lessons on any of the above-mentioned musical instruments: the accordion, ukulele, piano, violin, cello, harmonica, and many others. And while we are very serious about our lessons, we also believe that music education should be an enjoyable experience.

Photo by unknown, available under Creative Commons Licence.
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