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February 15, 2016 - Hey Joe Guitar NYC Music School - Piano Lessons - Musical Musings

Make Music Your Hobby, With Brooklyn Guitar Lessons

When we think of the lives of famous composers we imagine them spending entire days and possibly even nights writing music. After all, they wouldn’t have been as prolific if their minds were distracted by non-musical activities. For instance, we know from his letters that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart spent most of his days either composing or giving concerts. Ditto for Ludwig van Beethoven, who spent hours each day fine-tuning (no pun intended) his work.

And yet, despite their busy schedules many composers found time to pursue hobbies and interests that were not related to music. This proves that even geniuses need to take time off from work and just chill.

Diverse interests

Admittedly, it is difficult to imagine Mozart, dressed in a powdered wig, a brocade waistcoat, and breeches, doing anything other than sitting at his harpsichord. If that is your image of the great composer, prepare to be surprised! Historical records indicate that Mozart loved to play game of all sorts; he was quite handy at card tricks, billiards, charades, and fencing. He even rode horses. Mozart was also an animal lover who kept dogs, cats, and birds. Reportedly, he even owned a starling that could “sing” the main tune from the last movement of his Piano Concerto No. 17 . Another distinguished composer who found time for non-musical pursuits was Johann Sebastian Bach. He loved walking so much that he reportedly covered of tens of miles on foot just to hear a concert. Here’s a quick look at how other famous composers spent their free time:

  • Giuseppe Verdi was active in local politics: he served as a member of the Chamber of Deputies and as a Senator in the Italian Congress.
  • Richard Strauss loved playing skat, a card game that was all the rage in the 19th century Europe.
  • Antonin Dvorak raised pigeons.
  • Sergei Prokofiev enjoyed playing chess; he also wrote short stories.
  • Dimitri Shostakovich liked playing cards and watching soccer games.
  • Gustav Mahler was a sports enthusiast: he loved athletics, particularly hiking and swimming.

On their own time

At Hey Joe Guitar, music education is our number one priority. But that doesn’t mean we believe in it to the exclusion of everything else. Our teachers are busy giving lessons or performing, but they still have time to enjoy their hobbies. These are just some of the leisure activities they are involved in: travel, badminton, dressage, card games, fencing, chess, rowing, ski jumping, lacrosse, organic farming, and even wreck driving and bushwhacking. But be assured that no hobby will ever keep a teacher of ours from coming to your Manhattan, Brooklyn or Riverdale home or office on time for a lesson. After all, even someone who is into bushwhacking owns a watch!

Photo by unknown, available under Creative Commons License
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