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With New York Music Lessons, You and Your Instrument are a Good Fit

July 13, 2015 - Musical instruments

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Match Up to Your Instrument, With New York Music Lessons

Here is one question you probably don’t ask yourself very often (if at all): are you a drum, piano or violin? Or perhaps you are a flute or ukulele? The reason we are urging you to ask (and answer) this question is simple: if you (or your child) are thinking about taking up music lessons but are not sure which instrument to learn, it is a good idea to reflect upon which one would fit your personality best.

This is not an exact science so please don’t sue us if you happen to end up with an instrument that you or your teacher consider unsuitable – though please keep in mind that there is no such thing as a “bad” musical instrument; it may not fit your personality but it is a good match for others.

Satisfy your personality

There are several criteria for choosing an instrument: the age and size of the player are first and foremost. An instrument that “grows” with your child – such as the guitar, violin, flute or recorder are good choices. Also to be taken into consideration are the player’s physical capabilities: does she or he have flexibility, agility, and coordination to correctly hold and handle the instrument? But what about matching instruments based on personality? Generally speaking – though of course there are many exceptions to these “rules” – someone who is quiet and laid back might be a good fit with a bass, because it is considered to be a “background” instrument. If, on the other hand, you are outgoing, bold, and even brash, then a solo instrument like the trumpet might be your cup of tea. And if you are a high-energy person who can’t sit still, the drum is an obvious choice. Now, if you don’t fit into any clear-cut and defined category – in other words, if your personality has many facets – you might want to opt for instruments that produce a multitude of tones and characteristics, like the piano, guitar, or saxophone. Still not sure what instrument has your name on it? This quiz may help. One thing we are sure of: no matter who you are, there is that special instrument out there for you, just waiting to fall into your arms!

So happy together!

When you and an instrument of your choice are matched together and living happily ever after, that’s when our teacher comes in – literally – to your Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Riverdale home or office. It doesn’t matter whether you and your instrument are hyper or introverted – we will make sure that, when you play, your true colors are shining through!

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