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August 19, 2014 - Musical Celebrations

Hey Joe Guitar Musical Idioms

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Are you reading the above headline and thinking that we overdid it just a tad with the clichés? Yes, we did, but that was intentional to set the mood for this blog’s topic: musical idioms. As you know by now, the subject of music really…strikes a chord with us.

Most of these idioms are well-worn and you have heard them – and maybe even used them – yourself. The interesting thing about them is that they are actually not so much about music per se as about real-life situations.

Let’s explore some of them, but first, here’s a challenge: can you spot all the idioms that are interspersed throughout this blog?

All that jazz

Jam session: No, it has nothing to do with making preserves (but you already knew this, didn’t you?) It simply means improvising music in an informal setting “Jam Session.”

Fit as a fiddle: You are in good shape (hopefully because you play the violin!)

Play by ear: This expression conjures comic images of someone playing an instrument with his / her ear, but that is not the idiom’s intended meaning. Rather, it refers to handling a situation in an impromptu manner, or, in the musical sense, playing an instrument without annotation.

Tickle the ivories:  If you are a linguistic purist, you may take this to mean touching an item made out of ivory, but this actually refers to playing the piano. We hasten to reassure you, however, that these days no animals are harmed in the process – modern piano keys are made of plastic.

Hit the right note: This idiom hasnothing to do with a wonderful singing voice; it means you have a positive influence on people.

Call the tune:  Make an important decision and control the situation.  And if you change the tune, you change your mind or actions.

For a song: Buying or selling something very cheaply – singing is not actually required.

These are just a few musical idioms. There are, of course, many more…

We’ll make beautiful music!

Idioms aside, we are totally serious about making sure that you or your children get the best possible music experience.

We don’t mean to sound like a broken record but we do like, on occasion, to toot our own horn. And the message we want to convey is that our excellent teachers play second fiddle to no one.

Whether you want to play guitar, piano, drum, or any other musical instrument, one of our awesome instructors will come to your Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Riverdale home or office and pull out all the stops.

This may sound like a lot of bragging, but it’s true – when it comes to teaching music, our teachers sure know the score!

Photo by Kelly B.
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