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Don’t Be Out of Focus – Let NYC Music School Help Out

September 16, 2014 - Music and Health

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Guitar Lessons Provide Crowd Control – For Your Brain

Are you one of those people who can’t organize or structure their thoughts and concentrate on just one idea / task at a time? You are certainly not alone because so many of us are multitasking and juggling various obligations at the same time.

If you (or your child) ever said “I just can’t focus,” then we have some very good news for you: researchers have discovered an effective way to whip your thoughts and attention span into tip-top shape: music!

A study carried out jointly at Harvard and Japan’s Kyoto University reports that soothing sounds of a Mozart minuet improve the ability of children and older people to focus on a task, while ignoring irrelevant information that might be “crowding” their brains.

Who knew music had such a powerful effect on our concentration? Well, WE certainly did!

The science behind it all

The above-mentioned study is not the only one that has demonstrated how music can help the brain focus more effectively. Other research has also shown that melodious sounds help the brain release dopamine, a chemical neurotransmitter which impacts many mental and cognitive functions, including motivation, attention, learning, and concentration.

What does this mean to you and your child? Experts tell us that for adults, music boosts on-the-job productivity, while in kids it improves academic performance – all because of a better ability to concentrate and process the information at hand. For all age groups, this translates into increased creativity across all fields and domains.

Music education can also make you more successful in all aspects of your life. All that, we believe, starts with the ability to focus because it helps us hone in on what is important and relevant to us at any given time.

Rein in your wandering thoughts

What kind of music is most effective in improving our concentration? Rhythms and transitions in Mozart and Beethoven’s compositions are believed to help the brain focus better.

But that’s not all: researchers at the University of London’s Institute of Education found that children are more likely to appreciate a wider range of music later in life, if they had been exposed to history’s most famous composers – like the ones mentioned above – early on.

But, let’s go back to the type of music that boosts concentration.

Some experts believe that rhythmic patterns specific to Baroque music, such as Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto #3 are especially focus-friendly.

Is it all about classical music, you may wonder? The above-mentioned studies …focused on that genre, but you can boost your concentration with other melodies as well – it’s all about what “speaks” to you.

For example, the so-called “ambient ” music, the kind that creates a certain mood, has also been shown to have concentration-boosting properties because it’s so soft and soothing.

The bottom line…

From our own extensive experience and anecdotal evidence derived from students at our NYC music school, we can tell you that music really does improve concentration.

Of course, it all depends on several important factors, such as the quality of instruction – our music teachers are among the best in New York – as well as the correct technique adapted to the age and level of each student.

We also believe that students are able to focus better if the lesson takes place in a quiet and comfortable environment, which is why our teachers make “house calls” in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Riverdale section of the Bronx. So please contact us and we’ll…focus on you right away!

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