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June 1, 2015 - Musical Education

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Give the Gift of Music, at New York Guitar School

Did you know that today, June 1, marks an important holiday? (Let’s just say it’s important for anyone under 18). We are talking about the International Children’s Day.

Yes, it’s an actual holiday, proclaimed back in 1925 by The World Conference for the Well-being of Children, a Geneva-based United Nations agency that works to help youngsters around the globe have happier and healthier lives.

Depending on where they live, “happier and healthier lives” could mean proper nutrition, clean drinking water, medical services or educational opportunities – all the things we often take for granted.

And what about music lessons? Obviously, in some regions of the world, access to instruments and music training is rare, and that’s sad. But there is also positive news – for instance, this story about children living in a slum in Paraguay who used their creativity to fashion musical instruments out of discarded household items and formed an orchestra!

It only goes to prove that where there’s a will, there’s a way!

From all corners of the world

Music, as we all know, is universal, and since the Children’s Day is celebrated internationally, we looked at what youngsters are up to (music-wise) in other parts of the world.

It’s truly amazing to see so much young talent – children and teens performing on a variety of instruments or raising their voices in a song. We find all of these examples inspiring and uplifting:

USA : A beautiful concert by the LA Children’s Orchestra.

China : We are awe-struck by what this five-year-old can do.

Germany : This street performance gives a new meaning to the song “Drummer Boy”.

Argentina : This kid is amazing – so young and already so talented.

The Netherlands : What a gifted violinist this boy is.

India : This little girl has a big voice!

Australia : A good example of what you can accomplish with regular singing lessons.

Child’s play

We wrote before about the numerous benefits youngsters derive from music training. There is plenty of evidence to prove that regular music lessons – whether learning any kind of instrument or working with a teacher to master the art of singing – can improve all aspects of our children’s lives: academic, social, and emotional.

If you are wondering what present to offer your son or daughter (or any other child), our gift card is wonderful token of your love. It can be used to introduce a new student to music or allow an already initiated one to continue his or her training with one of our excellent teachers, who will come to a Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Riverdale home or office to give lessons.

Remember, the best gift for this, or any other, day, is the one that will keep on giving –as Plato put it, “the rhythm and harmony that find their way into the inward places of the soul.”

Photo by unknown, available under Creative Commons License
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