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New York City Guitar School Will Help You Kick the (Bad) Habit!

March 23, 2015 - Musical Education

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Learn Good Techniques at New York City Guitar School

Let’s talk about fitness. You go to the gym and work out religiously, but instead of feeling like a million bucks, you are suffering from soreness, muscle pains, or maybe even torn ligaments and other sports-related injuries.

If exercise is supposed to be good for you, why are you feeling like a truck has hit you? Could it be that your workout technique leaves a lot to be desired? Maybe you don’t warm-up sufficiently beforehand, don’t stretch afterwards, or just don’t do the moves the right way?

We are bringing up this analogy as a lead-in to the topic du jour: music lessons. When it comes to playing an instrument, the important thing is not only what you learn, but also HOW you learn it. Just as exercise that is not adapted to your body and strength could harm you, so can bad habits in music training.

Mistakes to avoid

Let’s look at some common mistakes beginning learners often make.

  • The instrument is not adapted to the player’s age or size: an instrument that is too big or heavy for you (and especially for your child) to handle and use comfortably will not only slow down the learning process, but may also cause wrist sprains and other injuries.
  • Bad posture and body position while playing: slouching back and shoulders, or an angled and twisted torso will cause pain and tension – and it goes without saying that if you are tense and uncomfortable, you will not play well. (Being flexible and nimble is important when you handle one instrument; imagine how much more challenging it is when you play three simultaneously ).
  • Playing music that is not adapted to your proficiency level: trying pieces that are too hard for you will not hurt you physically, but it may lead to frustration or lack of confidence in your abilities. In the extreme cases you may feel that you are not making any progress and throw in the towel. (Here’s a thought: maybe you should learn to walk before you can run!).
  • Obviously, none of these scenarios is conducive to effective music training. Fortunately, all of these bad habits can be prevented or reversed. How? You guessed it: by working with an experienced music teacher.

    We’ll teach you right from wrong!

    Among the many skills a teacher should have is the ability to convey a good technique. That’s because learning to play an instrument takes more than just strumming or hitting the keys. It is also about good posture, correct body position, dexterity, and the right way to hold an instrument – all of which should be adapted to the student’s age, level, and speed of progress, as well as the specificities of each instrument.

    Every one of our teachers is highly trained not only in the music itself, but also in proper practice techniques. Therefore, when a teacher of ours comes to your Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Riverdale home or office, he or she will help you develop good playing habits.

    Photo by unknown, available under Creative Commons License
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