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Gift Certificates – Original Page Music Notes for Musical Page Titles

Gift Certificates – Original Page

Oh No, Not Another Tie!!!

(Hint: give a gift certificate instead).

You have good intentions but no idea what to give for a birthday, holiday, or other special occasion. Fortunately, you came to the right place because we have just the perfect gift — one that is creative, fun, sure to please, and smaller than a breadbox. A gift certificate!

Whether you buy a 3- or 5-pack of lessons, or a monthly membership, the gift card is a perfect present for any music lover. It can be used to introduce a new student to music or to allow an already initiated one to continue music training with our excellent teachers, who will come to your Manhattan or Brooklyn home.

We send gift certificates by mail, email, or FedEx for a 3- or a 5-pack of music lessons, or a monthly membership. Call us at 646.320.3131 or send us an email and we can setup your gift in a snap.

What are you waiting for – get “carded!”

Remember: the best gifts really do come in small packages!

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